Wolfman (lv40)

Half human Half beast, they are kind and simple when their human side dominates, but they thirst for blood when their wolf side dominates.

Collectability: Rare

Recipe at: Sky Magic Cube

Attack index: 107


  • Tweener Spirit Amplifier (4)
  • Mera Heart (5)
  • Monk Relic (80)
  • Elio Wood Piece (99)
  • Namua Skin (92)
  • Soul 10% (98)


  • STR:624
  • SPI:361
  • STA:363
  • AGI:200
  • DEF:124


Curse of Incapacitation Lv2

Kill unlock

Mob Kills: 640

GP Consumption: 80

Equipped FormEdit

Huge thanks to ZeroHero for showing us his awesome Wolfman Nano
Wolfman equipped

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