Edit by ShadoFang13: Will add more titles later on when I have more time to check.

What are Titles?Edit

Well, titles in GXU, like the original GX are stat boosts that can be equipped and unequipped as needed. However, the only place in the Shopping Town (starting area) to equip one's titles is in Luna's Room in the White Aurora Base.

Titles are normally displayed over each players name and are awarded for meeting certain requirements; such as registering a specified number of recipes before a certain level, Perfect Clearing a mission, and various others.

List of Known Titles including stat bonus and requirements (in progress):Edit

Open Horizons (expires after 60 days)

- Requirement: Open Beta User

- Effect: Character EXP +5%, Nanobot EXP +5%

Sexy Beast (expires after 60 days)

- Requirement: Open Beta User who has reached level 30 during the beta

- Effect: Character EXP +8% Nanobot EXP +5%

Mean Bug Squasher (expires after 60 days)

- Requirement: Open Beta User who has provided good bug reports

- Effect: Strength +5, Basic Attack +20

Old Skooler (permanent)

- Requirement: Create a GXU character by November 30, 2011 and had a character on the original GX before October 26, 2011

- Effect: Agility +25 Basic Attack +15

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