Pirate is one of the many exclusive nanos that can't be obtained through normal playthroughs. This nano is not yet available to gxu community and hopefully will be released in Magic Cube form.

Nanobot InformationEdit

King of the sea, has a sharp pirate hook, blood-thirsty personality, and makes everyone shiver. No one wants to face this thing.

Recipe at: Shopping Town

Collectability: Rare

Attack Index: 98

Materials NeededEdit

Vengeful Ghost Spirit (10)

Tang Blade Fragment (140)

Ziggly Tainted Blood (14)

Musy Tainted Blood (62)

Soul 10% (15)


Stab Core lv 3

Kill Unlock

Mob Kills: 290

Gp Consumption: ??

Strong stag power infused with universal energy

Equipped FormEdit

Pirate equiped
Huge thanks to BlackCrusadeR for showing us his awesome Pirate nano.