GX-217W Black Wind
Ghost X Ultimate uses the Nanobot system which integrates all separate elements of RPGs such as Pet, Skill, Job, Growth, and Weapon into a single entity called Nanobots. Nanobots have their own growth levels aside from the players and direct the style of combat depending on what type of Nanobot you're using, a player can bring 3 Nanobots in combat which allows for changes in strategy.

List of nanobots and mission they're are found in as of right now.

All credit for this goes to Vaust of the GameKiss Forums, otherwise known as guitar_spy_d

Nanobot Basic InformationEdit

Fist Nanobots

Blade Nanobots

Dual Nanobots

Mount Nanobots

Sword Nanobots

Aside from the Primary Nanobot types, some Nanobots have access to Sub Nanobot types namely:

Gun Nanobots : which are a sub type of the Blade Nanobots and...

Bow Nanobots : which are a sub type of the Dual Wield Nanobots...

Note: Nanobot Seeds will have their type abbreviated to the left of the name on this page.

Attach/Fist = {A}

Knife/Blade = {K}

Dual Wield = {D}

Sword = {S}

Mount = {M}

{Type} Name of Nanobot (How to Obtain) [Collectability]


Mission 1

  • {S} Bright Thunder (Boss Drop - Invading Ghost -> a.k.a Ninnin) [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Dragon Claw (Boss Drop - Invading Ghost -> a.k.a Ninnin) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Tiger Shark (Boss Drop - Invading Ghost -> a.k.a Ninnin) [Easy Drop]

Mission 2

  • {K} Proto (PC) [Average]
  • {S} Lorelei (Boss Drop - Mosqui) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Thunderbolt (Boss Drop - Mosqui) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Splice Thunder [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Wyvern [Easy Drop]

Mission 3

  • {S} Blue Moon (PC) [Easy]
  • {K} Beowulf [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Strong Fist [Easy Drop]

Mission 4

  • {D} Red Wing (PC) [Easy]
  • {S} Thunder [Easy]

Mission 5

  • {K} Dream Crystal (PC) [Easy]
  • {A} Bombardier Cannon (1st map Elios) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Windflow Bud (Dark Migul inside the Train) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Lightsaber (Boss Drop - Humbi) [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Blade (Boss Drop - Humbi) [Average Drop]

Mission 6

  • {S} Swordfish (PC) [Easy]
  • {A} Ripple (Scarlet Tangs) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Windflow Flower (Vacuy) [Average Drop]
  • {D} Horror Shrimp (Boss Drop - Seer) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Unicorn (Boss Drop - Seer) [Rare Drop]

Mission 7

  • {S} Moonblade (PC) [Easy]
  • {S} Red Moon (Mr.Murdok) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Gatling (Boss Drop - GX-0) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Fist King (GC Factory Lobby) [Easy Drop]

Mission 8

  • {M} Dust (PC) [Easy]
  • {A} Vulcanos (Second to last map Vacuys) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Jacknife (Boss Drop - Ghosted Seer) [Easy Drop]

Mission 9

  • {A} Jetwing (PC) [Easy]
  • {K} Tilbing (Boss Drop - Fenly) [Rare Drop]

Mission 10


Mission 11

  • {A} Swirl (Grey Ghost / Black Ghost) [Easy Drop]
  • {D} Scorpion [Easy Drop]

Mission 12

  • {D} Twinbreaker (Sealing Room 2 Sabers/Vapors) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Annihilator (Miniboss Drop - G) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Guitar Man (Miniboss Drop - G) [Epic Drop]
  • {S} Tortoise (Miniboss Drop - G) [Easy Drop]
  • {A}Marus (Boss drop - Great Deamon's Shadow) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Beatitude (Boss Drop - Great Demon's Shadow) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Frost Teeth (Boss Drop - Great Demon's Shadow) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Unicorn Knight (Boss Drop - Great Demon's Shadow) [Rare Drop]

Mission 13

  • {D} Softwind (PC) [Easy]
  • {A} Water Cannon (Ruined Grays) [Easy Drop]
  • {D} Red Bow (Boss Drop - Kweeshark) [Epic Drop]
  • {A} Gigaclaw (Boss Drop - Kweeshark) [Easy Drop]

Mission 14

  • {K} Behemoth (Boss Drop - Freezund) [Rare Drop]

Mission 15

(Note, first two fights with Yuklie are Miniboss battles, he will not drop any seeds/mats until the third fight)

  • {A} Cunning Thunder (Boss Drop - Yuklie) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Gunbladekop (Boss Drop - Yuklie) [Rare Drop]
  • {A} Hwarang MK1 (Boss Drop - Yuklie) {Rare Drop]
  • {D} Poison (Boss Drop - Yuklie) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Saint (Boss Drop - Yuklie) [Rare Drop]

Mission 16

  • {K} Chainblader (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]
  • {D} Cold Ice (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]
  • {D} Crescent (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Masamune (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Seven Blades (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]

Mission 17

  • {D} Agony (Boss Drop - Mera) [Rare Drop]
  • {K} Bahamut (Boss Drop - Mera) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Bamboo (Boss Drop - Mera) [Rare Drop]
  • {A} Big Boss (Boss Drop - Mera) [Average Drop]
  • {D} Blue Wing (Boss Drop - Mera) [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Fluto (Boss Drop - Mera) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Masamune [Truth] (Boss Drop - Mera) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Thor (Boss Drop - Mera) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Rafflesia (Boss Drop - Mera) [Epic Drop]

Mission 18

  • {D} Gentle Impulse (Mormo) [Easy Drop]

Mission 19

  • {K} Chill (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Devil Blade (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Ghost Fox (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Shadow Fox (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Strange Bird (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Rare Drop]
  • {A} Yama King (Boss Drop - Reckless Tweener) [Epic Drop]

Mission 20

  • {K} Dualoxni (Boss Drop - Logia) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Red Dragon King (Boss Drop - Logia) [Rare Drop]

Mission 21

(Note, first fight with Yuklian is a Miniboss battle, also the materials from the Miniboss battle and the actual battle are different)

  • {K} Demon General (Boss Drop -Yuklian) [Average Drop]

Mission 22

(Note, both Gs drop the same seeds and same materials)

  • {K} Highlander (Miniboss Drop - G, Both Fights) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Soul Boa (Miniboss Drop - G, Both Fights) [Epic Drop]
  • {K} Violent Lightning (Miniboss Drop - G, Both Fights) [Easy Drop]
  • {K} Condor (Boss Drop - Z) [Rare Drop]
  • {K} Iron Shark (Boss Drop - Z) [Easy Drop]

Mission 23

  • {S} Sky Swallow (Boss Drop - Jenya) [Average Drop]

Mission 24


Mission 25

  • {A} Armored Dragon (Boss Drop - Daze) [Easy Drop]
  • {D} Electro Saint Shield (Boss Drop - Daze) [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Fluto (Boss Drop - Daze) [Easy Drop]

Mission 26

  • {S} Koelacera (Boss Drop - Goramer) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Masamune [Truth] (Boss Drop - Goramer) [Average Drop]
  • {K} Shadow Devil (Boss Drop - Goramer) [Averager Drop]

Mission 27

  • {S} Dark Night (Boss Drop - Yark Blo) [Epic Drop]

Mission 28


Mission 29

  • {A} Drill Bit (PC) [Average]
  • {K} Magic Eye (Boss Drop - Emanon) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Slaughter Halbert (Boss Drop - Emanon) [Rare Drop]
  • {A} Destroyer (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} White Knight (Boss Drop - Dimul) [Easy Drop]

​Mission 30

  • {D} Mountain Fairy (PC) [Average]
  • {S} Dust Devil (Tarantula) [Average Drop]
  • {D} Clever Fox (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]
  • {K} Tilbing (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Mission 31

  • {D} Tarantula (Tarantula) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Yearning for Love (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]

Misson 32

  • {A} Fire Palm Kernel (Fire Palm Demon) [Average Drop]
  • {S} Beatitude (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Mission 33

  • {K} Water Fairy (Tusk Turtle) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Guardian (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]
  • {A} Yama King (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]

Mission 34

  • {K} Thunder Wing Blade (Boss Drop - Fenly) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Mental Demon (Boss Drop - Mental Demon) [Epic Drop]
  • {S} Sandstone Gecko (Boss Drop - Mosqui) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Red Bow (Boss Drop - Mental Demon) [Epic Drop]
  • {M} Bactrian (PC) [Rare]

Mission 35

  • {A} Scorpio (Scorpio) [Average Drop]
  • {D} Desire Fire (Boss Drop - Fire god) [Epic Drop
  • {K} Dragon Breath Gun (Boss Drop - Kweeshark) [Rare Drop]
  • {K} Demon General (Boss Drop - Fire god) [Average Drop]

Mission 36

  • {K} Grim Kisser (Boss Drop - Viper Banshee) [Epic Drop]
  • {K} Strange Bird (Boss Drop - Viper Banshee) [Rare Drop]

Mission 37

  • {D} Angel Of Darkness (Boss Drop- Abyss Demon General) [Epic Drop]
  • {K} Staff Of Arthur (Boss Drop- Abyss Demon General) [Epic Drop]
  • {S} Dark Night (Boss Drop- Abyss Demon General) [Epic Drop]


Battle Classroom

  • {S} Bright Thunder [Easy Drop]


  • {K} Blackshark (Bemy) [Easy Drop]
  • {A} Dragon Claw (Rolls and Noels) [Easy Drop]

South River Station

  • {K} Bonedragon (Elio) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Gundam (Migul) [Easy Drop]
  • {S} Windflow Bud (Noel) [Average Drop]

New Island Lake

  • {D} Demon Shrimp (1st Map Garymuse) [Average Drop]

Han River

  • {D} Demon Shrimp (Boat Dock Garymuse) [Average Drop]

GX Cruiser

  • {S} Blue Knight [Easy Drop]

Ghost Corporation

  • {A} Exterminator (Blackgunner B3) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Fist King [Easy Drop]


Demon's Toenail

  • {S} Octopus (Random Mission Complete reward) [Average]

Park Gateway

  • {K} Magnum (Blue-Mouthed Bemys) [Average Drop]
  • {D} Silpheed (Random Mission Complete Reward) [Easy]

Chaos in Parking Lot

  • {D} Kerberos (Random Mission Complete Reward) [Easy]
  • {A} Panleel (Boss Drop - Ghosted Seer) [Epic Drop]

Medusa's Head

  • {K} Cracked Dream Crystal (Random Mission Complete Reward) [Easy]

Haunted Room

  • {A} Magic Lamp (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]
  • {A} Bone Chiller (Boss Drop) [Brutal Drop]
  • {A} BigBoss (Boss Drop) [Average Drop]

Flowing Stream

  • {S} Tree Of Life ( Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]
  • {D} Agony (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]


  • {A} Logan (Boss Drop) [Average Drop]
  • {A} Hwarang MK-1 (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Between Heaven and Earth

  • {K} Desert Eagle (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]
  • {K} Behemoth (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Old Friend from the Desert

  • {K} Grim Kisser (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]
  • {K} Soul Boa (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]

Between Fire and Water

  • {S} Draco Blade (Boss Drop) [Brutal Drop]
  • {K} Bamboo (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Hell and Heaven

  • {S} Laser Seraphim (Boss Drop) [Epic Drop]
  • {A} Red Dragon King (Boss Drop) [Rare Drop]

Miss Mio (Exchange)Edit

Note: Obsidian, Purple Jade, and Moonstones are only obtainable from the Daily 2 hr Gift, and Courage, Freedom, Justice, and Wisdom Badges are only obtainable as rewards for Daily Quests on Missions.

  • {S} Crystal Battle Plane (8 Obsidian, 1 Purple Jade)
  • {D} Immortal Fox (15 Obsidian, 2 Purple Jade)
  • {K} Eagle (20 Obsidian, 3 Purple Jade, 1 Moonstone)
  • {A} White Deer (25 Obsidian, 4 Purple Jade, 2 Moonstones)
  • {S} Pride (40 Courage Badges)
  • {A} Fluorescent Light (15 Freedom Badges)
  • {K} Crescent Machete (25 Justice Badges)
  • {D} Anger (65 Wisdom Badges)
  • {S} Silver Curse (60 Freedom Badges and 60 Justice Badges)
  • {D} Divine Demon General (70 Wisdom Badges and 70 Courage Badges)
  • {S} Black Frost (25 Fire Badges)
  • {D} Sun Shooting Bow (45 Wind Badges)
  • {K} White Shark (60 Water Badges)
  • {S} Moon Goddess Bow (80 Thunder Badges)

Activity Rewards/Event/SpecialEdit

  • {D} Honorable Ox
  • {D} Thunder Beast
  • {D} Mysterious Cat (Miss Mio) Not Available Yet
  • {D} Hatching Man (Magic Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {S} Soldier of Time (Blazing Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {K} Drunken Panda (Nanobot Collector Event - 4/4 Lists Completed/Gkash Item)
  • {K} Super Rat Thief (Heaven Conform Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {D} Golden Horn (Sky Expanding Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {} Bellicose Buddha Monkey (Loyal Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {D} Mermaid (Sunny Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {D} Lunar Rabbit (Shen Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {S} Odin's Spear (Admire Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {A} Giant (Solar Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {K} Wolf Man (Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {K} Drunken Panda (Secret Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {K} Wasp (Red Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {A} Guzmania (Bulky Sky Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {S} Yearning for Love (Moon Frost Magic - Gkash Item)
  • {D} Mental Demon (Nebula Magic - Gkash Item)

Gkash CubesEdit

Note: Gkash cubes do not require souls to open.

(Note, only Super Cube 1 - 7 are tradable)

Super Cube 1

Super Cube 2

Super Cube 3

Super Cube 4

Super Cube 5

Super Cube 6

Super Cube 7

Heaven Conform

Magic Sky

Blazing Sky

Sky Expanding

Loyal Sky

Sunny Sky

Shen Sky

Admire Sky

Solar Sky

Sky Magic

Moon Frost


Secret Sky

Vast Sky

Red Sky

Bulky Sky

Moon Frost


Single Nanobot Magic Cubes:

{K} Drunken Panda Magic Cube

{A} Ripple Magic Cube

{K} Jacknife Magic Cube

{S} Windflow Bud Magic Cube

{D} Crescent Magic Cube

{D} Mountain Fairy Magic Cube

{D} Timeless Fox Magic Cube

{D} Desire Fire Magic Cube

{D} Mental Demon Magic Cube

{M} Devil Dog

{M} Horror Wolf

{M} Primordial

{M} Magic Carpet

{M} Motorcycle

{M} Moon King

{M} Battle Bear

{M} White Tiger