Nanobot skill list Edit

These are some of the old nanobot skills that GXU currently , due to updates so we need anyone who are willing to share us the new nanobot's skill comes along

GXU Blade skill

GXU sword skill

GXU fist skill

GXU DW skill

New nanobot's skill will be recorded here Edit

{S}Dust Devil - Dragon Tone Spirit Lv 3

{K} Thunder Wing Blade - Wind Sword/Angry Wind Slice Lv4

{K} Howling Blade - Gust Wind/ Wirlwind Slice lv4

{S} Tree of Life - Rapid Healing Lv 1

{S} Sword of Life - Downpour Trampling Sword Lv 3

{K} Water Fairy - Instant Healing Lv 3

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