Enhancing is a method of upgrading Somas and Accessories in GXU, Accessed by speaking with Rapper Rapper (Soul City), Dekki (Pema), or Casey (Desert City), the Enhancing System is for increasing the bonus stats on equipment. 

Materials NeededEdit

To begin, you will need an item called a Strengthen Stone. Each color of Strengthen Stone is related to the rarity of the item to be upgraded: Gray for Normal, Blue for High Class, Green for Rarity, Yellow for Ultimate and Red for Legend. The purity level of each stone is what has the most impact on success rate, with 60 being the highest possible. 

In addition, Gold is used to attempt enhancements, though be warned; the gold, Strengthen Stone and any catalusts/charms are expended regardless of whether or not the enhancement is successful. 

Charms and Catalysts are sold in the Gkash Shop, with Charms incresing the success rate and Catalysts influencing something called "Glare"


Enhancing is fairly straightforward once the basics are grasped, You select the enhancing tab within the menu, this pulls up a diagram with four slots. One for catalysts, one for charms, another for the item and the last for the Strengthen Stone.

After placing each item to be used in its corresponding slot, select the box next to the stat you wish to upgrade and confirm your selection.