Bright Thunder

Bright Thunder (lv1)

Here is Bright Thunder one of the 3 starter Poke.err Nanobots from the game. The nanobot's stats are equally destributed with a bit of spi added into the mix.

Nanobot informationEdit

An early stage nanobot derived from Waterfall. One of the first nanobots to evolve to get immense fighting power. Making up for Waterfall's weakness in hitting skills, it shows an upgrade in fighting ability.

Recipe at: M1

Collectability: Easy

Attack Index: 84

Materials NeededEdit

Morae Iron Piece (8)

Drak Wing Hide (1)

X Series Spirit Engine (1)

Soul 1% (3)


Bright Thunder Bakatwa lv1

Bright Thunder Bakatwa Lv1 

Kill Unlock

Mob Kills:10

Gp Consumption: 19

Active while jumping, slash enemy when you drop suddently.

Old Ghost X triviaEdit