Bow NanobotsEdit

As a sub-type of dual wield nanobots , this changes the twin blade into a bow-shaped blade where you're still able to attack like a ordinary dual wield nanobots. It will stills bring a monster to knockdown. Good things for bow nanobots are gaining the usage of arrow skills for e.g. Lighting Arrow..

The skill "Dual Wield Combination/Separation" will allows any changeable dual wield nanobots transform into bow form or switch back to twin blade form. It's a Starter skill but only usable when the player getting Red Wing by perfect clear Mission 4

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So far, these are nanobots that are able to use bow skills

  • Red Wing
  • Kerberos
  • Scorpion
  • Red Bow
  • Sun Shooting Bow
  • Hunterkiller
  • Crescent
  • Divine Demon General
  • Agony
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  • Moon Goddess Bow
  • Dragon bow